Reflecting Upon Leadership: #EdublogsClub


As our country prepares to inaugurate a new leader, I’m reflecting upon the concept of leadership myself as part of my participation in the #EdublogsClub blogging challenge.  As a 26 year veteran of education, I’ve worked for and with several different educational leaders through the years, and now I find myself in a role that does include some aspect of leadership as I support teachers and students to make an educational impact using technology.  As I reflect on leadership, I hope that in my own leadership I exhibit the following positive traits I’ve observed in other leaders:

  • Positive in Attitude:  The most effective leaders that I’ve observed are ones whose approach remains positive no matter what the task or challenge
  • Willing to be an Advocate: Someone who is willing to step forward to share the needs of students and educational systems with others who have the ability to influence a situation (parents, teachers, community members, legislators)
  • Innovative and Open-Minded:  Willing to try new ideas, take (reasonable) risks and listen to others with ideas different from their own
  • Flexible and Always Working to Improve:  I love the word “iteration,” and  I hope that for everything I do, I am willing to consider how  it could be done better, and that if it can be done better I work towards that improvement
  • Appreciating and Crediting Others: Recognizing “good” and crediting others for it, praising not only success but effort towards improvement
  • Ethical: Someone who doesn’t try to get around rules, regulations, laws and who considers the culture of the community of which they are a member
  • Right Priorities: Faith, personal health (so you can perform your duties), treating others with respect, work-life balance, keeping “what’s best for kids” in mind, but also considering a whole educational system that may include other kids, other buildings or even other districts in mind
  • Encouraging others to grow in leadership: I have a couple of notes on my motivation board that are relevant to this.  One simply reads “No Heroes,” which means to me that I want to work so I develop independent people who don’t “need” me to be successful.  The second note is the one I snapped a picture of for the top of this post:  “Leadership is about creating other leaders.”

What characteristic of a great leader have I left off this list?

4 thoughts on “Reflecting Upon Leadership: #EdublogsClub

  1. Debra Goheen

    I love this!! All of your points are good ones for good leadership. You’ve given me something to strive for. Thank you!

  2. Sue Waters

    Hi Lisa

    I’m sharing some of the leadership posts on twitter this week. Do you have a twitter username I can use when I share the post?


  3. barupatx

    Love your list. It reminded my of one of my best and favorite principals, and now I better understand what made her such a great leader that we willingly followed.

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