Committed to Improvement: #Edublogsclub

I’m excited to be participating a in weekly blog challenge project that starts here at the beginning of the new year: #Edublogsclub! Each week, members of the challenge receive a prompt and are challenged to write towards this prompt during the week and publish their blog post. If you want to try the challenge along with me, click HERE to learn more and sign up!  This is my first weekly challenge where the prompt was to write a post that “tells your blog story.” So here goes:

This is not my first blog post, but I also don’t consider myself a successful blogger because I haven’t been consistent in my blogging practices in the past though I’ve tried several times to improve! I read other blogs through a feed reader (Feedly) so that I can just quickly skim the headlines. My favorite blogs are ones where new resources are shared as I used those to stay abreast of new ed tech that I then share out to the staff I support in our district.  I also read posts suggested by members of my Twitter PLN. I’m choosing to participate in this challenge to try to establish blogging as more of a professional habit. I hope that by receiving and responding to the prompts, I’m challenged to add other blog posts that are relevant to what I’m learning and sharing with others as well.

My biggest fear as I get started is that my posts will be long and wordy.  I know that other writing I do (emails, etc) can sometimes get too wordy and hard to follow, so I hope to keep things succinct and easy to read.  I’m also worried that the time I spend blogging will not be worthwhile since hardly anyone reads my posts.  In response to this fear, I hope to be able to focus on finding value in the process for professional growth and reflection of my own whether anyone reads or not!

3 thoughts on “Committed to Improvement: #Edublogsclub

  1. Sue Waters

    Hi Lisa

    The good news is there is no right or wrong answer to how long a post should be! In the early days of blogging there was a belief that posts should be short and less than X words. If you’re like me — and tend towards longer — wordy posts then break it up by adding in Headings (using Heading Style 3) and images or videos.

    Focus on writing what you want to write, what you are passionate about and it will happen! Lyn Hilt explains it better in her post here – I encourage you to read her post as she provide so many great tips!


  2. Miss W.

    G’day Lisa,
    Those long wordy posts – I understand that – I write too many of them for the student blogging challenge I run.

    Who will you be writing your posts for? Yourself or your readers? I think it is more important to write for yourself, maybe promote the post to other staff and your PLN. If they reply, well and good, but first and foremost, yourself.

    Sue @tasteach

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