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Adjusting the Email Signature Line on an iPad

I remember the first time I got an email message from someone with the signature line “Sent from my iPad.”  Man, did that make me mad!  What a snotty thing to say: “Nya, Nya!  I have an iPad and you don’t!”  Then I realized it was the default signature Apple puts in on their new devices.  I think that’s a little underhanded of Apple to stick a signature line on there with out even asking me, but I don’t think they’d care if I let them know anyway.  So instead of wasting time writing to complain to Apple, I just decided to produce a video to show anyone who cares to know how to CHANGE that signature line to something of their own choosing!  The video below will demonstrate and explain how to do just that!

Adjusting the Email Signature Line on the iPad from Lisa Suhr on Vimeo.