What a Loser # 13: PowerSchool Teacher

The PowerSchool Teacher app offers limited access to their account for current PowerSchool users. Since our district users PowerSchool for its student information system, it can be useful to teachers in our district. However, Please be aware that there are limits to what can be done through the app as compared to accessing the PowerTeacher program on a computer. Teachers can do basic grade book functions through the app and can enter attendance with full functionality. However, as of right now, there is no was to submit attendance through the app, so users will still need to log in to the account on a computer to do that. Rosters do show for each class assigned to a user along with student pictures and basic information like birthday and student demographics. My belief is that this app will become more and more powerful in coming releases as PowerSchool developers begin to write Flash out of their programs, making the entire program more iPad friendly. If you have this app on your iPad, be sure to update it so that new developments can be part of yr options!!



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