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iPad Timer and Timer+ Video Review

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Classroom teachers use timers all the time. I used to keep a stopwatch AND a kitchen timer on my desk when I taught middle and elementary school. In my science classes, I often needed multiple timers for each group to time experiments. I was also NOTORIOUS for being the teacher whose class was late to “specials” like music, library, art and PE. (I started life as a middle school teacher who lived by bells . . . then moved to an elementary building where each teacher’s schedule was so unique they had to get their classes where they needed to go on their own time!! What an adjustment THAT was!) So timers are a valuable resource in my eyes. Here is a short video reminding readers that the iPad operating system has a nice built-in timer/stopwatch as part of the Clock app, and also a review of an alternative timer app, Timer+ that I think is worthwhile.

If you’re interested in trying Timer+ link to it in the App Store here!

iPad Integration: Audio Recording Ideas

Posted on January 22, 2015 in Apps and Applications,Assistive Technology,iPads by Lisa Suhr

Voice Record Pro is an app I recently added to my own iPad to compare it to iRig Recorder, the app I had previously been recommending to teachers that who were interested in an app for simple voice recording.   Here are some screenshots from inside the app:
When you first open app you’ll see a list of your saved recordings and on the upper right the recording controls:


When you first choose the red “Record” button,  screen looks like this:


You can “Check Level” to make sure you’re getting a clean recording, then tap “Start” to actually begin recording and the screen shows a moving needle indicating recording:


Once you’re done and click “Stop”, you’re presented with a screen like this one where you can change the default file name from the date and time to whatever you’d like the file to be called:


Think Positive Thursday

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#SatChat Notes from January 17, 2015: Collaboration

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The early Twitter chat on Saturday morning is my favorite! I’m a crack-of-dawn type of person, so it fits perfectly for me. I fix my coffee, grab something light for breakfast and get logged in. I prefer to use my laptop over my iPad, but sometimes I challenge myself and require myself to use only my iPad. I prefer to participate in the chat using HootSuite rather than Twitter. HootSuite is a web-based tool with an app for iOS that allows you to create “feeds” from your Twitter account that make it easier to follow the tweets coming from the chat’s hashtag. I also like to create a feed that is just the tweets from whoever the chat’s moderator is. That way I can easily see the chat topics as they are “released” for comment. My personal goal after today’s chat is to keep encouraging collaboration opportunities between our schools and possibly global connections I can help our teachers and students make! Here were the questions and my responses from today’s chat:

Q1: Define Collaboration
A1: collaboration is 2+ people working towards a common goal with everyone allowed/expected to contribute based on their strengths. #SatChat

Q2: How is collaboration supported in our schools?
A2: Common time f/Ts, projects & organizations f/ Ss, tech for distance collab. all support collab. in our schools, #SatChat

Q3: What does collaboration look like in the classroom setting?
A3: Collab. in class: Ts share stage w/ Ss, Ts coordinating global connections based on S voice, Ts help Ss develop strengths #SatChat

Q4: How can teachers and administrators model collaboration?
A4: Ts & As must develop own collab. skills including using media/tech, then expect & arrange collab in rooms/buildings, #SatChat

Q5: How does technology foster collaboration?
A5: Tech helps collab. by making connections w/ others including experts possible/easier & publicizing results is rewarding #SatChat

Q6: Please share best practice resources that help support and keep a strong focus on collaboration
I didn’t submit an answer to this topic because I got sidetracked reading some web resources I found during the chat!! That happens sometimes!

Think Positive Thursday

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#SatChat Share Out: Genius Hour LiveBinder Resource

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This morning’s #SatChat (a live Twitter chat I like to join on Saturday mornings) was co-moderated by Don Wettrick whose new book “Pure Genius” was the basis for the chat theme. I’ve been following the trend of Genius Hour or 20% Time in classrooms for a long time, and I was motivated to blog about it after this morning’s chat.

The idea of Genius Hour is simple, but I suspect the application of it to your school or classroom is much more deep. Here’s the thought: let students CHOOSE what they want to learn for a portion of the time you have them under your supervision. If you see them one hour a day, five days a week, take one of those days a week and let them have voice in what they learn.

There are teachers in schools all across the country giving this a try in all subject areas and all grade levels. You’ll see the words and phrases like “wonder, student voice, authentic learning, and choice” sprinkled through blog posts, Pinterest pins and Instagram feeds that illustrate what innovative teachers are allowing students to try.

So, if I had one single resource I would suggest starting with to explore this concept, it would be the LiveBinder resource linked at the top of this post. I’ve dug into this resource before myself and briefly shared it at some small group meetings in our district, but when it was shared during today’s #SatChat, I knew I should share it again through a blog post. Explore the tabs and “get lost” in the research of what others are doing, then set the technology aside and dream for a bit about what it might look like if you listened to your students’ voices and gave them time and support to learn about what really interests them.

Think Positive Thursday

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Maker Spaces: Reflections from #SatChat 11/1/14

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My responses from this morning’s chat:


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